Street Sweeping

Mechanical Street Sweepers are heavy duty, chassis-mounted broom sweepers with a large capacity hopper. Some are equipped with a high lift system, capable of dumping into large dump trucks. The sweeping system features a main broom, a squeegee-type elevator system, and forward-facing digger-type gutter brooms. A large capacity watering and dust suppression system handles the heavy debris and industrial cleanup.
  • Asphalt grinding
  • Heavy debris pick up
Air Regenerative Vacuum Sweepers are a heavy-duty, chassis-mounted, regenerative air system that generates a high velocity air column, which is propelled into the top of the sweeping head through a blast tube. The air is first pressurized in the upper chamber of the sweeping head, then expelled into the head's lower chamber through what is called a "blast orifice”. This high volume air blast loosens the debris from the pavement surface, then transports it across the width of the sweeping head. This is a highly efficient system which ensures that even hard-to-reach particles hidden within pavement cracks and irregularities are removed.

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